Emotional Freedom Techniques is a unique and VERY effective type of body energy healing. It is actually the practical application of “energy psychology” — EFT is a little similar to acupressure or acupuncture (without needles) that you apply to yourself. It is most often fast, very effective, and done without pain or drugs. The EFT practitioners at Graceful Transformation are:

Richard Clark
Ron Jordens

       After fifteen years of investigation and training in several body energy disciplines, the most effective energy treatment Richard has found is Emotional Freedom Techniques. It has an amazing record of resolving emotional and physical pain, eliminating anxieties and phobias, healing illness, improving performance, and accelerating healing from injuries and surgery.

Introduction & Theory of Body Energy Healing         

       Everything in the universe is comprised of energy. Energy is dynamic and moves in patterns. Our body requires a certain healthy pattern of energy. When that healthy pattern is disrupted by trauma, pain, injury, toxins, fears, constant negative thinking, addictions, unhealthy vows, or emotional violence, and left disrupted for a significant period of time, illness and emotional problems are the result. This can be a recurring, “temporary” illness like skin conditions or the flu, or a chronic, serious one like being overweight, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, MS, diabetes, arthritis, or asthma. It can also be an emotional issue like sexual problems, phobias, or a chronic state of anger, fear, or anxiety.

All conditions of poor health are related to body energy.  Healing
with Emotional Freedom Techniques is a very dynamic process.
People learn how to heal themselves by adjusting their own body’s energy.

        There are fourteen energy meridians which are the main pathways of body energy. Emotional Freedom Techniques identifies some specific points on these meridians which are close to the skin (see chart, p. 14 of the free download manual). When some of these spots are tapped on in a certain pattern, at the same time as the mind is focused on a specific issue, body and brain energy patterns are harmonized and balanced.
        EFT is a style of self-care that is a little like acupuncture but without needles or pain: a person taps on specific body points, in a manner that adjusts and harmonizes the body’s energy flow. When this energy harmony is consistently maintained by using EFT over a long enough period of time, the body can then heal itself, which is what it is designed to do. After training and instruction the client continues the energy adjustments on their own.

Nine Reasons Why EFT is the Almost Perfect Therapy

(1) Results are evaluated and tested immediately. Whether the results are rapid, gradual, dramatic, or subtle they are almost immediately, and certainly within twenty-four hours, discernable to you. You can tell through your own senses how EFT treatments are working.

(2) Emotional Freedom Techniques is practiced with a minimum of personal discomfort. People do not have to dredge up and relive the painful memories, or wade through the trauma and spend months or years weeping over their past. In fact, to do this makes matters worse. With EFT, the concern is resolved without discussing it in any great detail, or in some cases not discussing it at all. Exploring the “depth of your pain” and reliving the past in all its messy detail is not necessary (and should actually be discouraged).

(3) The person healing can retain their dignity during the process. There’s little chance of being ashamed or embarrassed at telling the details (you don’t have to). There may be some therapeutic issues which require discussion, but this is conditional to the circumstance. EFT tapping would first be successfully applied to the emotional pain and trauma so any required discussions would be with emotional stability and a noticeable reduction or an absence of emotional turmoil.

(4) Years of traditional therapy can be reduced to months or weeks—in some cases hours. Healing is no longer a painful commitment that lasts years and years. EFT or body energy work may be “expensive” in the short term, but for the vast majority of concerns, recovery can (or may) be quite rapid. This method of treatment is in its research stage and recovery rates vary.

(5) EFT treatments appear to be effective for just about anything. This means anything—from procrastination, anxieties, and impulsive spending, through pain and addictions cravings, to chronic or life-threatening illnesses like diabetes and cancer. Whether a physical, emotional, or mental concern, this body energy therapy appears to have a decided, positive effect on anything. This eliminates fears about your future health.

(6) Self-treatment is portable and discreet. With a little creativity, training, and experience, you can apply Emotional Freedom Techniques to yourself anywhere, anytime (see Tips on Tapping and Frequently Asked Questions in the free download manual). The practitioners at Graceful Transformation offer telephone consultations so expert support is globally available.

(7) The results appear to be  permanent. Once resolved, with a little self-care and maintenance, the issues are gone. There’s more information on this in Frequently Asked Questions in the free download manual.

(8) EFT is immediately self-empowering. From the outset, tapping is self-applied. Some health concerns are incredibly complex and the services of an experienced and well trained practitioner are crucial. However, once the toxin and energy issues are unraveled and you persevere in applying the proper procedures, the paid practitioner soon becomes unnecessary. With good self-monitoring and wise energy maintenance, you are capable of maintaining your own sense of joy and good health.

(9) This is incredibly cost effective. Aside from the obvious benefits of being in better health and the possibility of a longer life with more enjoyment, after the immediate effort and expense of learning and applying Emotional Freedom Techniques and a few weeks of dedicated work, you’ll then create a relaxed and user-friendly maintenance program. By learning EFT now you will:

  • avoid the significant expense and daily nuisance of the purchase, monitoring, organizing, and consumption of the dozens of expensive health supplements, prescriptions, and vitamins people purchase. (Without proper energy balance, this too, is another form of symptom management.) This saves hundreds or thousands of dollars each year;

  • eliminate expensive dieting schemes, books, and harmful exercise programs that are temporary at best, and are overall more destructive than helpful;

  • save thousands of dollars in talk-therapy, workshop, chiropractic, and naturopathic expenses (costs that always continue to increase);

  • save thousands of dollars over the course of your life in medical procedures, insurance, prescriptions, examinations, hospital costs, and lost time at work; and,

  • eliminate and prevent months or years of “suffering” through physical and emotional ailments, recurring or chronic illnesses, pain, missing social engagements, failing exams, being anxious or nervous, repetitive conflict, divorces, and bad relationship choices.

        To us, at Graceful Transformation, it is only common sense that using Emotional Freedom Techniques to resolve headaches, illness, or pain would be in anyone’s best interest (as it would to use EFT to assist in the resolution of addictions or trauma). However, the underlying “psychology” of illness, and people’s resistance to change, is sometimes very complex. This is referred to in the free download manual regarding vows and beliefs (in the Glossary) and in the section Complexities.     

        Regarding talk-therapy: In some advanced addictions recovery work with Richard Clark (or with your own therapist), especially with sex, relationship, or religious addictions, discussion regarding spirituality, personal history, values, and ethics is often required. Emotional Freedom Techniques is for the healing of trauma, emotional pain, and illness.

Active Participation

          Emotional Freedom Techniques is quite different from other approaches to healing. In Western medicine the “patient” is not actively involved in their treatment. They go to the doctor, sit and listen, take pills (forever), or lay still while muscles are massaged, needles are inserted, or surgery is performed, or their joints are adjusted—week after month after year. They are not really an active and responsible participant in their own healing. The client depends on the doctor or the practitioner.

            With EFT you are taught how to actively participate in your own healing. This is essential and is a dramatic departure from what we presently accept as “medical” treatment. With EFT you are taught the basics of “body energy work”: how to tap, where to tap, how to identify and isolate the issues, and (over the course of a few days or weeks) to self-apply the procedure. Active and regular self-applications of EFT is crucial to the success of your own healing. The practitioner has special knowledge and teaches and guides you through the basic procedure so you can apply the tapping procedures to yourself. This generates a strong sense of confidence as you take active responsibility for your own health.



Disclaimer: EFT and other energy therapies are self-help coaching techniques intended to reduce stress, enhance health, and resolve any dysregulation or dysfunction in the body’s energy patterns. None of this information is intended to replace or substitute for licensed medical or psychological care. It is not suggested or advised that anyone discontinue, avoid, refuse, or ignore medical or psychological consultations or advice. We at Graceful Transformation encourage common sense in self-care. Because body-energy therapies have been very effective for many people does not guarantee they will be successful or effective for others. Body energy treatments must be considered to be in their research stage.

Copyright: The information on this website and in the free download-manual is protected by copyright. This cannot be duplicated for profit. If any part of this material is copied, duplicated, or stored it must be for personal use and personal education. Read the full disclaimer and copyright notice in the free download manual and on the Disclaimer/Considerations page of this website.